Well, to start off with my Strain Dairy I thought let’s kick it off with one of my personal favorites. One of Dinafem’s most pungent strains, Sweet Deep Grapefruit. Referred to as, a freshly pressed fruit cocktail.


Its juicy aromatic aromas fill the air before, during flowering and even right up until the very last puff of my joint. The sweet and sour taste of this strain is simply mouth-watering.

Growing this strain is incredibly easy and low maintenance. Making it a suitable first time grow. From sprout to Full grown she displays much vigor. Not to mention her incredible yield prospects.


Sweet Deep Grapefruit was designed to entice the Indica lovers with a strain that certainly stands out from the rest. Its unique intensity of fruity aromas has made it one of Dinafem’s most pungent strains, a hybrid sweet as candy….

This Indica dominant strain (80% Indica, 20% Sativa), has inherited its remarkable aromas from not only one parent but from both. Inheriting fruity genes from its grapefruit mother as well as her father, none other than, the legendary Blueberry.


Personally, I found this strain to have excellent therapeutic effects. From deep relaxation to a mild uplifting euphoria. Known for treating a wide range of ailments such as sleep disorders, migraine’s, diminished appetite, slight depression, and even panic attacks.

In some cases, I have heard of it bringing some relief to those suffering from muscle or joint pains. However, thanks to its more chilled kind of Indica high, keeping up with day to day tasks even while medicated is still very doable.


This strain is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor growers alike. I found this strain to parade ample vigor from the get-go. Seedlings sprout within 3 days and continue to amaze with energetic growth node after node – as accurately described by Dinafem.

Is short this strain is fast growing, high yielding and all-around beautiful to grow. Big protruding leaves that are deep in color and intense captivating odor are given off by the plant even before budding/flowering.

Also, thanks to the influence of blueberry genetics, some Sweet Deep Grapefruit plants may turn purple when grown outdoors in colder climates.


The best part of watching Sweet Deep Grapefruit grow is when she starts to bud. Big bulbous buds at every inch of the plant looking incredibly juicy with rich amounts of trichomes.

Huge massive head buds arising from the center, surrounded by ample side buds that sat upon the branches like proud trophies. This plant displays a very nice bud structure with a very little leaf. Her buds not only exhibited a remarkably low leaf share for an Indica but were all extravagantly coated with resin.

A word of caution, however, to growers in high humidity conditions. I found this strain to be extremely prone to mold and mildew.


From the first hit, you can feel your stress and tension slowly subside throughout the body and mind. Any chronic muscular or joint aches and pains are lessened while your thoughts and emotions are uplifted. As you slip into a very inspirational sublime mood.

“Sweet Deep Grapefruit has proven to be a particularly friendly well-being provider that quickly takes you into a mental and physical comfort zone. It also makes you pretty stoned, but without a walloping knock-out blow, it’s more sort of warm and easy instead. A saucy fruit in regard to flavor, but effect-wise a caring, devoted nurse who provides her healing service to the patient for two hours. – The Doc


    • Vegetative stage: two weeks (after germination)
    • Genetics: Sweet Deep Grapefruit (Grapefruit x Blueberry)
    • Flowering stage: 55-65 days
    • Height: Up to 3m
    • Yield: Indoor – up to 550g/m2, Outdoor – up to 800 grams a plant.
    • THC: 12-19%


This stain is truly amazing, from growing to smoking. It delivers a medium strong Indica-dominant effect most of the times.

I truly feel this strain has entirely fulfilled Dinafem’s fruity pungent and therapeutic promise. She is a true champion strain created by Dinafem, with great cultivation properties and very beneficial medicinal effects. It’s no surprise that its one of my absolute favorites and I look forward to every toke.

Find Sweet Deep Grapefruit seeds here and more on growing your own cannabis.

Mary-Jane, Overgrow

March 2019


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