Amnesia Auto CBD

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Is medical marijuana grown for THC or CBD
  • CBD
Ideal condition for growing medical cannabis plants
  • indoors & outdoors
Genotype of medical cannabis plants
  • 20% Indica / 30% Sativa / 50% Ruderalis
Genetics of medical cannabis plants
  • Amnesia XXL Auto x Auto CBD
Indoor flowering period of medical cannabis plants
  • 70-75 days
How much do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 400-450 g/m2
How much do medical cannabis plants produce when grown outdoors
  • 60-170 g/plant
How high will my medical marijuana plants grow
  • 0.75-1.7 m
How much THC do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 6%
How much CBD do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 12%
Ratio of THC to CBD in medical cannabis plants
  • 1 to 2

Amnesia Auto CBD

Amnesia Auto CBD is a feminized auto-flowering and CBD-rich cannabis seed by Dinafem Seeds derived from the cross of an Amnesia XXL Auto-flowering and an Auto CBD. Showcasing such incredible flavours, amazing yield, undeniable vigour and easy-to-grow properties, no wonder the Amnesia lineage is so highly regarded.

If we add to this a mind-blowing psychoactive effect, we have one of the greatest cannabis dynasties, easily recognisable by its delicious lemony and Hazy aroma. This strain brings together the yield, scent and vigour of the Original Amnesia with all the properties of CBD and the great advantages offered by autoflowering strains. Elite lineage, sustainability and speed make up a pitchfork that will undoubtedly delight even the most demanding growers.

You cannot make an Amnesia disappear even if you turn her auto. No matter Amnesia Auto CBD is an autoflowering cannabis seed because she still keeps the marvellous yielding properties of the original plant. A two-month waiting period will be enough for her to deliver delicious crops of large buds coated in lemony resin. Harvesting 100 g per plant, provided there’s enough light and the temperature is ideal, should be an easy quest.

Amnesia Auto-flowering CBD is mostly aimed at growers who like to grow their plants with discretion. Either in balconies or terraces during the hottest and longest days of the year. This doesn’t mean Amnesia Auto CBD is not an adequate choice for growing indoors when there are space and time limits. Besides, being such a vigorous plant, she is perfect for beginners who, despite their lack of experience, want to ensure a minimum yield. A fast and productive marijuana plant with which bountiful crops are easily obtained.