Industrial Plant Auto CBD

Autoflowering | CBD | Autodinafem

Is medical marijuana grown for THC or CBD
  • CBD
Ideal condition for growing medical cannabis plants
  • indoors & outdoors
Genetics of medical cannabis plants
  • Industrial Plant Auto x pure CBD
Indoor flowering period of medical cannabis plants
  • 70 days
How much do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 300-500 g/m2
How much do medical cannabis plants produce when grown outdoors
  • 25-100 g/plant
How much THC do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 0.05
How much CBD do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 0.1%

Industrial Plant Auto CBD

Industrial Plant Auto-flowering CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminised auto-flowering marijuana strain that originates from the cross of an Industrial Plant Auto and a CBD-rich auto.

Dinafem had long been itching to create the auto CBD version of one of its pet strains, nationally and internationally appreciated since its creation. The resulting hybrid is a truly innovative proposal, now available in our online store for everyone to enjoy.

Industrial Plant Auto-flowering CBD cannabis seeds are a marvellous option for breeders on the lookout for not-so-potent cannabis seeds to add to their collection. The gentle effect it provides and its sweet fruity organoleptic qualities are the hallmark features of such an outstanding strain. This medium-sized plant is noted for the large number of buds that pile up in the upper part as well as for the several surrounding branches it develops that end up laden with plenty of compact buds overflowing with resin. However, we should shine a spotlight on the various therapeutic properties that its CBD-rich buds possess, such as the ability to alleviate a wide variety of physical and mental disorders. In addition to all the aforementioned advantages, we cannot fail to mention that users with little tolerance to THC-derived effects will, at last, be fully satisfied, because this strain’s high CBD content does not let cannabis interfere with daily life, i.e., its consumption is more sustainable.

When growing Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD marijuana seeds, the homogeneity and stability shown by every individual is undeniably amazing, and so are their heavy-yielding properties, too. Adding 1/3 of coco coir to the substrate is recommended to boost not only the plant’s metabolising processes but also the development of healthy roots. Thanks to its 1:2 THC/CBD ratio, it can be consumed on a daily basis without suffering from concentration or physical problems that may interfere with everyday life.

Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD has a deep aroma and a really pleasant taste with hints of sweet fruits, Skunk, citrus and species that is a real treat for the senses. The physical and mental effect it provides is moderate and not as long-lasting as usual. As a plus, it leaves no trace of pain or discomfort later on. Summing up, it is a marvellous cannabis seed that alleviates muscle pain and helps you sleep deeply.

2nd prize “Best Auto-flowering” at High Life Cup Holland 2016.