Critical Mass CBD

CBD | Feminised | Dinafem

Is medical marijuana grown for THC or CBD
  • CBD
Ideal condition for growing medical cannabis plants
  • indoors & outdoors
Genotype of medical cannabis plants
  • 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
Genetics of medical cannabis plants
  • Critical Mass x CBD Crew male
Indoor flowering period of medical cannabis plants
  • 55 days
How much do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 600 g/m2
How much do medical cannabis plants produce when grown outdoors
  • 700-1200 g/plant
How much THC do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 0.05
How much CBD do medical cannabis plants produce
  • 0.05

Critical Mass CBD

Critical Mass CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing a Critical Mass and a selected CBD Crew male. The aim of this joint project with CBD Crew was to create a cannabis strain with real medicinal properties.

Critical Mass CBD is the medicinal version of Critical Mass. It grows into a wonderful, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, small/medium-sized, vigorous marijuana plant with an open structure that produces abundant amounts of large, compact buds covered in a resin that boasts valuable medicinal properties. It performs well indoors, particularly in SCROG and SOG and responds best to temperate/dry climates and to the protective atmosphere of a greenhouse outdoors.

Critical Mass CBD cannabis seed is the answer to the aggressive treatments of some diseases, as it helps to alleviate their unpleasant side-effects. Its overall features are great both for medicinal and recreational use. It belongs to the new generation of present-day medicinal cannabis.

The flavor and aroma are pronounced and fruity, with clear notes of lemon, pine wood, and exotic wood. The effect is powerful, relaxing and long-lasting, typically Indica. It is the perfect marijuana plant to alleviate the symptoms of anorexia, insomnia, muscle pain and depression.