Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

Top Five Tips to get the Most out of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

What is an Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strain? These strains are great for the novice as well as the experienced grower. For the early and even late outdoor or greenhouse harvests.  They start to flower as they mature rather than when the days or light cycle shortens. Making auto’s easier to manage for novice growers. You could simply just plant it in

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What is Skunk?

The 411 on Skunk: First of all, as a cannabis enthusiast like myself, the name skunk is far from unfamiliar. But what is Skunk? Where did it originate from? And what strains are available with its amazing gene? Let’s take a look… The Legendary Classic: Skunk! This is a cannabis strain that that was one of the first cannabis strains

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Indoor cannabis seeds

10 Best Cannabis Strains for Your Indoor Crops

Perhaps it has occurred to you to begin growing indoors, a method that will allow you to pack your pantry with succulent buds of marijuana year round. If you are used to growing outdoors, you might find this change a little complicated at first, as you will have to keep in mind some new factors you did not have to

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