7 Common mistakes made when Growing Cannabis

7 Common mistakes made when Growing Cannabis

7 Common mistakes made when Growing

Whether you are an experienced grower or just starting out. This article was written to help you avoid common mistakes that sometimes are just overlooked.

In general, cannabis plants are quite resistant. They are ultimately a weed, after all. However, I have seen, under prime conditions the results are amazing. Good quality seeds will only get you so far. There are small details sometimes overlooked and could be why your crop doesn’t turn out as well as it could.

These common mistakes can sometimes be fatal and can and will certainly affect the quality of bud at harvest. To achieve the best results your plant must be healthy, well looked after and in the best conditions. This goes without saying.

Common Mistake 1: Poor Light or Lack Thereof

Whether your crop is outdoors or an indoor grow room, cannabis needs plenty of light to thrive. A common mistake made with outdoor growing is choosing a location where your cannabis plants don’t get enough hours of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is crucial, a well-lit shady place just won’t cut it.

As for indoor growers, attempting to save costs by reusing the light bulbs too many times can cause a reduction of the amount of light reaching the plants. Also, be sure that your ballast isn’t too old either and your reflectors aren’t covered in dust.

a lack of light will result in the plants’ nutrients being used irregularly and photosynthesis will slow down. Your cannabis plants will become spindly and will stretch for the light. Ultimately you will have a significant reduction in your yield.

Common Mistake 2: Lack of ventilation

Lack of ventilation is a mistake more commonly made with indoor grows. Ensure that your room or space is well ventilated. You will need good air intake and an exhaust system that works well. Circulation of the air is also crucial. Depending on the size of your crop, one or several fans will be needed to ensure proper ventilation and circulation of air.

Proper air circulation also acts like wind, which will help to strengthen your cannabis plants stalks. With poor ventilation, your cannabis plant won’t get enough CO2 needed for photosynthesis. Resulting in slower growth as well as creating the perfect environment for mold, mildew, and fungi to spread.

Common Mistake 3: Incorrect humidity levels

Your humidity levels are very important and often overlooked until it’s too late. High humidity levels increase your chances of fungi and mold. Once mildew sets in it’s a bugger to stop. Low humidity levels will, in turn, stress your cannabis plants causing them to use too much water. This will end up in your cannabis plants being stifled.

Optimum humidity levels should range between 40% and 50% during the flowering phase and between 50% and 60% during the growth or vegging phase. Avoid your humidity levels in your grow room from diverging from these parameters.

Common Mistake 4: Temperature

If not the most important factor to monitor when growing cannabis. Whether the temperature is too high or too low can cause serious problems for the development of your cannabis plants.

When the temperature is too low, the plants don’t develop. When it’s too high pests and diseases will appear. The ideal temperature range needed for optimum cannabis growing is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius

Common Mistake 5: Watering

Irrigation, the supply of water to your cannabis crops will be something you need to monitor as well. Your cannabis plants watering needs will change and depend on several factors, from humidity and temperature to the type of genetics and stage of growth.

Overwatering: too much water will cause you cannabis plants to become waterlogged and aeration is reduced. The roots will be blocked which prevents the correct absorption of nutrients. Low levels of these nutrients will bring on deficiencies and will weaken your cannabis plant. Root rot will also occur when there is a significant excess of water.

Underwatering: similar to that of overwatering. When your cannabis plants are underwatered, the nutrients don’t reach the plant’s system sufficiently. The plants will become weak and nutritional deficiencies will appear. Watch out if your foliage looks sickly, the roots can die from dryness.

 Common Mistake 6: Lamp Burns

Setting up your lights in your grow room can be tricky if you don’t know what to look out for. If you’re cultivating indoors make sure the lamp is at the correct distance: around 30 cm with 600 W lamps, 25 cm with 400 W lamps and 40-50 cm with 1000 W lamps.

Burnt foliage on your cannabis is more prone to disease. The plans become more susceptible to the attack of different pests. You also risk stressing the plants and resulting in stunted growth rates.

Common Mistake 7: Exposed RootsCannabis Germination - 7 Common mistakes made when Growing Cannabis

This goes without saying, there is a reason that the roots grow under the ground. Roots need darkness, if they’re exposed or they receive light through the container or hydroponic system they’ll turn green and their functions will be significantly reduced.

Exposed roots will affect the correct absorption of nutrients. Ultimately hindering your cannabis plants and preventing adequate growth.

Mary-Jane, MCSB

June 2019

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