Overgrow brings you a guide to the breeders upon whose behalf we dispense cannabis seeds in South Africa. We are currently appointed distributors of three world-renowned breeders, who provide us (and you) with the finest and most stable cannabis genetics coming out of Europe and the USA – or anywhere else in the world, quite frankly.


Humboldt Seed Organization is a world-renowned American breeder and seed bank with a very proud heritage steeped in environmental protection and cannabis tradition. The organization was originally founded by a group of dedicated growers and breeders with the goal of producing high-quality cannabis genetics for medical marijuana dispensaries in the California region. They have since adapted to supply seeds to the recreational market, where they’ve enjoyed equally resounding success.

Humboldt County occupies one “corner” of the Emerald Triangle, the largest marijuana producer in the USA. It is well-known throughout the worldwide cannabis community for the production of world-class marijuana. The area is estimated to have more than 4500 outdoor weed gardens and an unknown amount indoors.

Humboldt stretches over a rough and well-preserved Northern Californian coastline, famous for its redwood forests – the world’s largest trees. The HSO philosophy is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Their business is based around using organic nutrients to cultivate cannabis seeds, while recycling all waste. Humboldt’s weed seeds are hugely respected due to their exceptional quality, heavy yields and intense potency.

HSO use elite Californian genetics to deliver some of the most outstanding strains on the planet. We stock a wide selection of their most popular feminized seeds, including the legendary Blue Dream and a few fabulously fruity varieties like Mango Sapphire, with some outstanding CBD and autoflowering options available too.


Dinafem is a vastly-experienced Spanish marijuana breeder and seed bank, famous for selling an elite selection of world-renowned cannabis seeds. They are known for breeding some of the absolute best, award-winning indica, sativa and hybrid strains on the market.

Their founders started out as growers, before researching the genetic characteristics of cannabis plants and successfully experimenting to produce their own seeds of exceptional quality. Nowadays, they have advanced to the point of undertaking the most challenging and time-consuming breeding projects. Their goal is to produce a variety of exceptional strains capable of meeting the personalised needs of all marijuana users and growers for both medical and recreational purposes. They deliver seeds suitable for rookie growers all the way to the most demanding and experienced cannabis cultivators.

Dinafem promises a meticulous selection of premium weed seeds, controlled storage for optimum conservation and innovative packaging to ensure risk-free transport. Overgrow reinforces that promise by importing their seeds and storing them in specialized refrigerators, before discreetly distributing them to the South African public.

This Spanish breeder is famous for selling some of the most desirable cannabis seeds on Earth, of European genetics and otherwise. They guarantee excellent quality through their collection of premium genetics from around the globe. We stock their feminized, autoflowering and high-CBD seeds - from world-renowned jewels like Strawberry Amnesia to the outstandingly medicinal Dinamed CBD Plus.


Oni Seed Co is a world-leader in “craft cannabis”, providing some rare genetic hybrids of exceptional quality straight out of California, USA.

Oni strives to provide something for everyone. These artisanal marijuana varieties are bred with a clear focus on two basic qualities, flavour and resin, but they’ve truly got it all. Their sticky trichome-covered strains provide second-to-none hash-making ability and continue to win awards around the globe.

The founders, Harry Palms and Oni Noodles, are serious about breeding. They’re not big on marketing and they don’t need to be because their strain genetics speak for themselves. They always prioritise quality over quantity and don’t fuss over industry fads, instead putting all of their energy into creating strain lines that are entirely unique and enjoyable.

Their strict method involves breeding several strong strains and narrowing it down to a single marijuana line that displays the very finest and most-desirable genetics. This intensive selection process is advancing the quality of cannabis for medicinal purposes, loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes, and recreational users certainly aren’t complaining.

Simply put, Oni provides some of the most wanted weed seeds around. They are the main reason we at Overgrow decided to start stocking regular seeds – we simply couldn’t resist. With so many award-winning and mouth-watering options, it’s easy to see why their popularity is skyrocketing around the globe.


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