Not only is this rewarding but having the perfect greenhouse for your plants also aids in keeping the conditions optimal. Be sure to have plenty of ventilation and light and you will have a winning recipe. 
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If you are cultivating cannabis, it may be time to explore whether you have space for a greenhouse. Your own greenhouse can be a discreet, cost-effective way of growing great plants. This post will guide you through the process of preparing to build your own greenhouse.

Cultivating cannabis is very rewarding but also requires great care. Different growing setups will suit different people's needs. You are fortunate if you have the space for a greenhouse in your garden. Even a small greenhouse of 2.5m by 3m could provide all the space you need for a start-up personal grow. There are many advantages to greenhouse growing. For one, you can be self-sufficient in your grow and cut energy costs dramatically by using sunlight -I mean you can't beat the sun's wattage...

It's also more environmentally efficient than both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation and gives you a secure, organized space to work in. That being said, careful research is needed to find the most ideal setup for you. What works for your neighbor may not work for you. Here are some of the things to consider.

Before you Build Your Greenhouse

Don't over-complicate things. Try to find the most straightforward way of building. Any fancy designs you envision have to compete with the effectiveness of simple designs built for practicality. Metal frames are more expensive than wooden frames but are more sturdy.

You will need material built for the climate conditions that your greenhouse may face throughout the year. Be patient when you're building as your initial plans may need to be modified. You should also plan a realistic budget and timeline for building your own greenhouse.


When you find a location facing sunlight, you can cut down on the costs of electric lighting. However, should you need artificial lighting then your greenhouse should be outfitted to benefit from both sources of light. A cannabis plant typically requires 7.5l for each 30cm of plant height.

Work out how much space you need, alongside storage space for equipment, working tables, water supply, etc. Find a space somewhere that you can easily access. Don't make it easy for others to get in. Think about security for your greenhouse ahead of time.

Covering your Greenhouse 

Your transparent covering will distribute an even amount of light. It can even be blacked out for 12 hours a day if you want to retain the 12-12 split of indoor growing. Glass is heavy, expensive, and fragile compared to fiberglass or Perspex. These lighter materials come in translucent grades that distribute heat just as effectively as glass.

You should give the greenhouse a new coat of protective resin every 10 to 15 years. There are also certain paints that will block the outside world's view inside your greenhouse. Make sure trees are not blocking your light source unless it's evening sun in the summertime.

Ventilating your Greenhouse

Another advantage of greenhouses is the control they grant over the temperature in your growing conditions. With direct sunlight, your plants can still grow in winter months as greenhouses are great for retaining heat when the weather gets cold. Also, capturing humidity in a greenhouse reduces your need for water. There are times, however, when the evaporation could lead to too much heat. You should be able to cool your greenhouse with a vent and fan if need be. Many greenhouse designs do incorporate a mechanical vent.

Depending on your system, you could also have a plastic tubing setup that allows you to spray cooling water mists for extended periods. This, however, must be avoided during flowering, so be sure to have a well-ventilated greenhouse. You should also find a way through ventilation or controlled burning to maintain COâ‚‚ levels inside your greenhouse, as your plants will be more deprived of it than usual.

Be careful with your humidity levels as too much humidity and moisture could lead to problems such as powdery mildew. This can be avoided by spraying a diluted solution of neem oil and milk on your plants.

Loose Lips Sink Ships 

These wise words should be heeded; "Loose Lips Sink Ships". The entrance to your greenhouse should be secure. If possible, the greenhouse should be hidden from public view. You want to grow cannabis discreetly, which is why you're covering it with a greenhouse.

Perhaps the laws where you live aren't kind to cannabis growers, so be very careful. Even in countries where there's some form of decriminalization or legalization, you need to make sure you're complying with regulations. With some good discretion, you can grow tasty, sticky cannabis in peace.

Remember, growing cannabis is a fun hobby for some but for others, it's so much more than that. There are always ways in which to improve and expand. Overgrow is here to always keep you updated and informed.


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