You may not be fully aware of what cannabis is and why there are literally thousands of named strains on the market. Today, we will define the cannabis plant and see how it has been used as well as look at why it's found in so many forms since first being consumed.
By OG Team

Cannabis and its strains

If you have done some research into Cannabis you will be fascinated by this amazing plant species. Cannabis is best known for its psychoactive properties, and of late, finally being acknowledged for its medicinal properties. The interaction between man and cannabis goes as far back as 25,000 BC and is as old as written language itself. The therapeutic and spiritual use of Cannabis spans across the globe and has been used by almost all cultures at some point in history.

Uses of Cannabis

In modern times, Cannabis can be divided into two main uses: recreational and medical use. Those that use cannabis recreationally may do so for creativity, stress relief, or simple enjoyment. On the other hand, medical users can alleviate pain, insomnia, anxiety, and of course the big one - cancer treatment.

Most users are aware that cannabis contains hundreds of compounds we call cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These compounds are what make Cannabis such a special plant and they provide a range of medical properties. The two most well-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD but there are many more that offer unique effects.

Besides the recreational and medical advantages of the plant, Cannabis is a very important species in the agricultural industry. The Hemp plant has extremely strong and durable fibers that are used to make clothing, ropes, textiles, and even building materials. The seeds of the cannabis plant are very nutritious to consume and are filled with essential oils and very high in proteins and minerals. The byproducts from Cannabis are also manufactured into cooking oils and can function as a very sustainable biofuel!

Know the Cannabis Plant

Cannabis plants are either male or female (hermaphrodite in rare cases) and are annually flowering plants. This means the plant will show either male or female reproductive organs and so the male will produce pollen that the female will use to create seeds.

Female plants that go unpollinated are called “sinsemilla” which is a Spanish term that means “without seed”. These seedless female plants are most desired by cannabis growers for their large, very resinous buds that are used for consumption.

Hemp, on the other hand, refers to a non-psychoactive subspecies that is used for seed and fiber production.

Cannabis Strains?

It is believed that the origin of cannabis comes from Central Asia, but over the course of many generations, exploration carried the plant to virtually every corner of the globe. Growers bred these cannabis plants very selectively for the needs of their communities.

Just as the evolution of other plants and animals, cannabis created variations that developed in different regions of the world. These original variations of the Cannabis plant are known as landrace strains.

Most of these landrace strains have been collected from native habitats and brought to the west and cross bred for desired qualities. This process of crossing certain males with females is known as hybrids and has created literally thousands of different varieties with different effects.

If you have been around cannabis, you will be aware of the terms “indica”, “sativa” and “hybrids”. These three very different types refer to the plant's shape, structure, features and effects. Most “old school” cannabis users have long thought that sativas give you energy and indices sedate you. However, this is not true, and research has disproved this classification

In today's cannabis world, we classify sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis plants in the following categories:

  • High CBD and low THC - more clear-headed high.
  • High THC and low CBD - more euphoric high.
  • Balanced CBD and THC - mildly euphoric with slightly headed high.

We have thousands of strains available today that have different ratios of THC and CBD and so effects can differ greatly. The best way to go about it is to simply choose a strain, do some research, and of course find what works for you. The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and with all the latest goodies and gadgets, things are really exciting even for the experienced user.


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