The flowering stage is what we all have been waiting for. It’s the most exciting and most crucial part of growing cannabis. Let’s discuss how you can take care of your budding cannabis and grow the best yield ever.

When your plants switch from the vegetation to the flowering stage, the growth slows down, and your cannabis plant starts to develop juicy buds. When the plants start to develop flowers also known as buds in the cannabis industry, it is time to treat them differently. Different nutrients are needed for the flowering stage.

Often the tiniest improvements lead to the most enormous results.


If you have used well pre-fertilised soils, then you will easily be able to go a few weeks before having had to use any extra liquid fertilizers and feed.

Note: Every two weeks or so, enzymes are needed. These enzymes clean your medium. Adding these enzymes help to clear out dead roots as well as reduce the salt accumulation that may have occurred during the application of nutrients.

Make up your nutrient mix as you normally would and spray your plants with the solution. Cannabis plants can take up nutrients via their leaves, the advantage of doing it this way is that you do not change the pH of your medium.

By combining watering feed with the application of leaf nutrient, the plant gets what it needs immediately via the leaves. Generally, you will notice the improvement the very next day.

As your cannabis plants start to flower and produce buds, they become pickier. Check for potential deficiencies that could occur in various ways, such as yellowing leaves or loss of leaves entirely. At the same time, also check your plants for signs of possible overfeeding. Overfeeding or nutrient burn will usually show in the tips of the leaves becoming discolored. If this happens, you need to cut down on feeding.


Once the flowering stage starts, you want to optimize for light and nutrients. It is at this stage where you switch to nutrients for the flowering stage.

White pistils will be sticking in all directions and the buds themselves will get bigger every day. That’s is the THC crystals. The whiter the better. So feed your plant optimally. You have come a long way and it’s at this stage where your plants will reward you.

They consume the maximum amount of water now, so be sure that it’ll never be without it and the soil is always a bit damp. You’ll notice small buds everywhere, and the plant begins to smell really good.

The Phosphorus (P) demand increases, so switch to a good bloom fertilizer. Rinse your soil well without any fertilizer. You will want to decrease the amount of fertilizer in your soil. Fertilizer adds a high amount of nitrogen in the soil and plant.

The plant still needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutritious elements, but its most important requirement is now potassium.


Now your buds can go through their final growth spurt. They will primarily focus on compactness and THC production. The lower leaves may begin to turn yellow and slowly die, this is normal. I like to remove these so that the plant can focus more on producing bigger buds. Rather than that of small ones hidden at the bottom.

Check the buds every day for any mold or yellow/brown leaves. Immediately clip any suspicious things.

At the end of flowering, rinse or flush your soil. Keep all factors under control and check for rot or insects. Discoloration of the leaves is normal and slowly the hairs on the buds are also turning brown.


  • 1: Only cut leaves and branches that are dead – Never taste the freshly developed flowers – let them grow.
  • 2: Keep humidity at around 70%
  • 3: Avoid Nutrient Burn – Make sure not to over-feed your plant with nutrients. You will notice if you have nutrient burn if the tips of the leaves seem burned.
  • 4: Support Heavy Buds to Maintain Light Exposure
  • 5: Trim Excess Foliation – Some pros trim their plant leaves at this point (defoliation) so their plants can focus mainly on bud growth. Make sure to leave enough leaves to support your plant’s health!

Written, February 2019


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