Dinafem is a Cannabis seed bank that has one of the best selections of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Cannabis seeds available. These will help you be a successful cultivator and you know that you can count on quality genetics. Take a look at Dinafem’s 5 new strains and you are sure to be inspired.
By OG Team

Dinafem has some amazing new strains that are now available just for you. Dinafem is a Cannabis seed bank that has the best selection of Sativa and Indica Cannabis seeds available. Because Dinafem originated as a group of growers, they have researched the genetic characteristics of each Cannabis plant to produce their own seeds.

Dinafem is committed to meeting your every need and will advise and provide you with all the information you need. Trust and reliability are some of the traits we love most about Dinafem. These will help you be a successful cultivator and you know that you can count on quality genetics. Take a look at Dinafem’s 5 new strains and you are sure to be inspired.



When Dinafem first produced a CBD pure strain (Dinamed CBD), they wondered if it was possible to boost this high CBD content even further. This resulted in Dinamed CBD Plus. An incredible plant that boasts a 20% CBD content with less than 1% THC! This plant was created with rigorous selection and breeding resulting in an amazingly stable plant.

The amazing qualities of CBD have brought the world a whole new generation that is providing the latest information and research on Cannabidiol. Dinamed CBD Plus has the ability to have muscle-relaxing, anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory effects. For all these reasons, Dinamed CBD Plus is a powerful tool for treating brain disease. Dinamed CBD Plus has an amazingly sweet and zesty taste. This one is ideal for the medical user that loves fruity flavors with special and familiar notes.


The next beauty on our list is also one of the most potent. Gorilla is such a highly sought after strain that definitely lives up to her origins. This is an Indica dominant plant that is not demanding at all to grow. This strain cannot be overfed and so a new grower may benefit and learn from this one. Gorilla is a very heavy yielder and her resin count is off the charts. She has such a potent high due to her THC levels that can reach 25% and super dense buds that are filled with flavor. Gorilla has a very complex but very intense flavor profile. Because she comes from a Diesel and Chem, the notes are pungent and slightly earthy. Definitely a great choice for the new grower that wants potent bud without too much hassle.


Purps #1 is an amazing strain produced by Dinafem. This plant has some traits that make her stand out from the crowd. Really intense purple and autumn colors with a fruity aroma that will make you feel like an explosion of flavor took place. It seemed very unlikely that Dinafem could produce such a pretty plant that was Indica dominant and have such great aromas of berries.

This purplish plant has a scent that is like a fruit tree more than your typical Cannabis plant. Purps #1 will deliver a very clear and relaxing high. However, even though she has high THC levels, she is not at all overwhelming. Her effect is very much ahead high and will help clear your mind and relax your body. As long as you have some basic growing knowledge than you should do well with this plant. As long as you provide moderate water and nutrients, she certainly won’t disappoint.


The last on our list but certainly nowhere near the least is Quick Kush. Quick Kush is a feminized Cannabis seed that comes from the likes of the legendary OG Kush. While you may be aware that most Indica varieties need 55-63 days to flower, this baby needs only 49-56 days. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this quicker flowering means poorer quality. This is not the case at all with Quick Kush. She is armed to the teeth with oils and lemony scents that have attracted growers worldwide.

Quick Kush has the power to daze Cannabis lovers with her lovely lemony scents with undertones of smokey flavors. This mixture may seem strange but everyone can’t seem to get enough. This is definitely for the OG Kush lovers that want a bit of speed.

So there you have it. Dinafem’s new strain release we have brought it that must surely get your green thumb going. We hope you love the selection as much as we do and you are eager to order your first batch today!

If you have any questions or queries, need advice or just want to say hi, leave a comment and we will get back to you.


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