It is essential to take proper care of your cannabis seedlings if you want a successful grow. Here are some growing tips to make sure nothing goes wrong.
By OG Team

Watching your cannabis seeds bursting into life in the form of seedlings can be extremely rewarding and exciting. You now know that the cannabis seeds were good and that you have made the first step towards a cannabis plant. However, the grand appearance of seedlings doesn’t mean that the hardest part is over.

The seedling stage of cannabis growth is easy, however, it is the most vulnerable stage for your plants.  Therefore, for this reason, it is very important to know how to look after them correctly. If you get this right, this will ensure your cannabis plants get the best start to life, creating a solid foundation for the lifecycle of your cannabis plant.

It's all about the environment 

In order for a cannabis seedling to thrive, the environment needs to be consistent and stable. This would include a consistent temperature, airflow, and humidity.  The most efficient and easiest way to create this is by using a seed propagator. An inexpensive piece of kit that operates as a mini greenhouse ensuring your cannabis seedlings remain in a consistent contained environment.

There are a few ways of acquiring a propagator.  You could create your own. This could be as simple as attaching a clear plastic bag with ventilation holes over the top of your pot or you could buy a  propagator and this will offer control over the environment.

Getting the correct light

Lighting is another important thing to consider.  Although HPS lights can offer too much light for seedlings, they are great when your cannabis grow is in full swing. CFL light is a great way to start your cannabis seedlings off, these lights do not put out as much heat as the HPS light, therefore they will not cause any damage when they are put very close to your seedlings while offering great light coverage. By placing your lights in close proximity to your seedlings it stops them from stretching, as they do not need to reach for the light.

Cannabis seedlings do best under a blue spectrum, therefore try and find a bulb that focuses on this – cool white or soft white bulbs tend to be the best.

You should have your seedlings on an 18/6 lighting schedule without any concerns. This will produce the healthiest amount of growth.

Feeding your cannabis seedlings 

The last essential point in your cannabis seedling care is feeding. You shouldn’t need to give your cannabis seedlings any additional nutrients and minerals. At this point, your cannabis seedlings should be getting everything they need from the soil. They are very delicate at this stage of their life, giving them any additional nutrients and minerals will likely result in the nutrient burn of the cannabis seedling and cause its death – so avoid doing this.

All you should be concerned about is watering your cannabis seedling. At this point, you should only need to use plain water. The water should ideally be in a pH level range of 6.3-6.5, and if you use tap water,  ensure it has been set aside for approximately 48 hours before giving it to your cannabis seedling. By letting the water stand you are allowing the chlorine and other chemicals in tap water to evaporate first.

It is important to water your seedlings when the soil begins to feel dry to the touch. The soil should not be constantly moist. The roots will grow most efficiently through depletion, this means that once the roots have absorbed all of the water in one area of soil they grow, spread, and seek out other areas of soil that contain water. If the cannabis roots have a constant supply of water, not only does this increase the chance of the cannabis seedling to develop root rot, but the intern removes the drive in the seedlings roots to grow.

If you are growing your cannabis seedlings in a more advanced medium such as rock wool, the cannabis seedlings will not receive the natural nutrients found within the soil. It would be essential to offer them nutrients within your water.

It is easy to look after cannabis seedlings when you know how to. What they require are stability and consistency.  If you ensure they receive both, you should have a happy growing season.


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