Growing cannabis outdoors with good quality seeds the way it happens naturally can result in high-quality plants.
By OG Team

Growing cannabis outdoors has been the traditional method of growing recreational and medicinal cannabis for thousands of years. Growing cannabis outdoors with the good quality seed not only gives amazingly powerful weed but it also produces some of the best-tasting weed with deep flavors and rich aromas. When cultivating in the open air, plants need to be exposed to as many hours of sunlight as possible. 

Apart from ordinary feminized seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds make an excellent option if intending to grow seeds outdoors since they allow the user to choose when to proceed to the sowing, which will preferably be in summer.

In South Africa, one can grow outdoors from September to the end of February. For those experienced growers seeking large plants in South Africa, September and October are ideal months to start growing. January is perfect if you want to grow Sativa cannabis strains that do not exceed 250 cm in height. 

Outdoor growers often germinate the seeds indoors and give their plants a ‘head start’ by growing them indoors under lights for a few weeks. These plants are often gradually acclimatized to outdoor temperatures before being permanently planted outside as established plants in time for the summer. Yields are especially dependent on sowing time, nutrition, and sunlight.

One of the most important factors for the outdoor grower is to correctly prepare the site. The ideal grow site should get unrestricted sun for as much of the day as possible. Protection from strong winds will also shield your crop. A grow site will often benefit from a shelter such as a fallen tree stem or thick bushes to protect the plant from prevailing winds and also to protect the plant from animals and unwelcome human attention. There is no ‘perfect’ soil for growing in and different varieties will often perform well in a range of conditions. As long as nutrients are present, drainage is good and pH is within 5.8-6.5, your cannabis plants will grow happy and strong.

For some people, outdoor growing means a secure and private part of their back garden or even a balcony. In some parts of the world this is too risky, so growers will choose a private and often remote spot in nature where they can grow.

Those growing on their own land may have the option of growing the plants in containers or rooting them directly into the soil. Containers/ pot plants have the advantage of being portable but may need regular watering in hot weather. The experienced grower will often avoid ‘black’ plant containers which get very hot in direct sunlight. They will also avoid putting plant pots directly onto a hot surface (e.g. tiled terrace) which will stress the roots.

Visits to the grow spot will often involve checking the plants for pests and treating them accordingly. When growing cannabis outdoors think carefully about the variety. Not all strains are suited to outdoors, so read the reviews carefully and contact Overgrow should you require further assistance.

Choosing the appropriate outdoor cannabis seeds is the key for success. For doing so, we put at your disposal a wide variety of them. Outdoor growing is challenging, but fun, so enjoy the satisfaction from harvesting all your herbal supplies free of charge, the way nature intended.


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