Increase your Cannabis Yield with CO2. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is found in our atmosphere. It is essential for ALL plants to complete photosynthesis. Growing cannabis is an evolving practice. Taking on the challenge of correctly introducing CO2 will definitely take you to the next level. Let’s take a look at how CO2 can give you the best possible end product.
By OG Team

Increase your Cannabis Yield with CO2. CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is a gas that is found in our atmosphere. This gas is essential for ALL plants to complete photosynthesis (converting CO2 to energy). Using high levels of CO2 in our cannabis gardens can have a dramatic effect on yields and plant strength. However, this needs to be introduced correctly to achieve the desired results. Let’s take a look at how CO2 can give you the best possible end product.


Photosynthesis takes place when plants use CO2 along with sunlight (or our grow lights) to produce sugars and oxygen. Plants extract the CO2 from the air through their pores (also called stomates) to breathe just as we do with oxygen. The sugars the plants produce through this process are used as the building blocks of growth and the oxygen produced is released back into the air.

By increasing the CO2 levels in our grow space (with an increase in lighting) you will allow this process to improve dramatically and your plants will create more energy and therefore more growth. Because lighting is just as important for growth as CO2, these two factors need to be matched correctly. Before we get into detail about how we can achieve this, there are a few things to consider before investing in a CO2 system for your garden.


Using CO2 is widely accepted to be beneficial to your cannabis garden but a good system can also be costly so before investing make sure you know how to:

  • Grow a good quality and healthy garden.
  • Set up a secure and sealed grow space.
  • Know how to use high powered lighting systems.
  • Know how to prevent and treat mold and pests.
  • Use high-quality nutrients and grow mediums.
  • Grow good quality strains.

If you no longer consider yourself a “novice” grower and can do the above. You are ready to used CO2 to increase your cannabis yields.


CO2 is measured in ppm (parts per million), this is used to measure levels in our atmosphere. There are many ways to introduce CO2 into your garden. Most of these methods do not guarantee a controlled ppm. For this reason alone, it is important to invest in a high-quality system. Some of the CO2 setups we cover may be too expensive or demanding for your current grow space. Consider waiting until you reach the next level on your green thumb journey.


Compressed CO2 tanks can be bought at hydroponics stores or gas retailers that sell other types of gas for cooking and heating. The CO2 is collected by the manufacturers and compressed into tanks and the made available to sell. This system allows you to introduce controlled amounts of CO2 into your garden with the use of emitters without having to buy a CO2 generator. The main benefit of this system over a CO2 generator (which is next on the list) is that using compressed CO2 won’t produce heat and is therefore ideal for a smaller grow spaces.


CO2 generators produce carbon dioxide by either burning propane or natural gas. These devices look very similar to heaters and can be automatically set to power on-off when CO2 levels reach a specific ppm. Propane and natural gas can be easily bought to power a CO2 generator but in a small grow space, the heat generated from this system can be difficult to control. CO2 generators are better suited for large cannabis gardens that are better suited to climate control.


According to studies, plant growth will be positively influenced by CO2 with levels of up to 10,000 ppm. Now, this is a very high number considering the CO2 levels in our atmosphere are around 400ppm and levels of 3000-5000ppm are considered lethal for humans to breathe.

When producing high-quality lighting in your cannabis garden you will find CO2 levels of between 1200-2000ppm will have a very significant impact on plant growth. Also important to note, when using CO2 in your garden your plants must be able to handle a higher average temperature. If your CO2 levels are too high for your lighting setup or the heat generated in your garden, you will see your plants become damaged from excess CO2.

When using CO2 in your garden it should ideally fall from above the plants. This is because CO2 is heavy and will sink to the lowest level possible. A few good quality fans will circulate the CO2 making it easier for plants to absorb the gas. CO2 should only be emitted into your grow space when the lights are ON. This is because of the process of photosynthesis we spoke about earlier.


Growing cannabis can be fairly challenging. Especially if you’re a novice and still be getting to terms with what is needed. CO2 can take your cannabis yields to the next level. However, is only suited for experienced growers that have perfected the basics. Growing cannabis is an evolving practice. Taking on the challenge of correctly introducing CO2 will definitely take you to the next level.



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