Thanks to the fantastic research done on medical cannabis and pets. More vets now believe CBD products can be effective in treating various ailments. Now that medical cannabis has made its way into the veterinary field we have the same great options for our fluffy friends that we do for ourselves.
By OG Team

Medical Cannabis and Pets, thanks to the fantastic research that has been done on medical cannabis. A growing number of vets now believe CBD products can be effective in treating various ailments. The application of these products can assist your pets with various ailments. Has also proven to be very effective for anxiety and lack of appetite. Sounds great, however, laws in  South Africa make it extremely difficult for vets to discuss this, let alone prescribe it to pet owners.

As far as legalization goes, South Africa is moving in the right direction. However, we don’t often hear about the medical use of cannabis for our family’s fluffy loved ones. In the States, two veterinary activists have traveled the country in order to educate pet owners and even legislators about the benefits of treating pets with cannabis. These two pioneers in pet treatment have even published a book called Medical Marijuana & Your Pet: The Definitive Guide. This book is an extremely useful tool and will help you to determine if cannabinoid treatment is an option to try.


We have to remember vets don’t have the authority to prescribe cannabis as a treatment drug. Finding a good source of the highest quality cannabis oil should be number 1 on your list. Remember to always choose organic products for your dogs and cats.

Finding a good supply for your pets medical cannabis will be your hardest task when you choose this treatment. Unless you purchase a book online, you will struggle to find a good amount of reliable information. Another option is to get some advice from your local vet. Some vets shy away completely from talking about cannabis treatments, others will be more open to it. You may find a vet you have known for a long time could possibly tell you about treatment or may just offer some reliable advice.


Trying to work out the dosage can be a little tricky but it is very important to calculate this carefully. Trying to guess a dosage for your animal is looking for trouble. A word of warning, overconsumption of THC can cause serious health risks in pets. Most cases of pets over-consuming cannabis happens’ when a dog simply “eats his owners’ stash”. Careless dosages can also cause some problems. We need to be super careful and calculate correctly.

To avoid a trip to the SPCA or local Veterinary Hospital. Start by choosing the right product for your animals’ needs. Low and slow in the beginning to observe any side effects. If you see your pet experiencing negative effects then you must immediately back off treatment. Signs of overconsumption can include vomiting, diarrhea, trouble with balance or looking spaced or “zoned out”


Depending on where you are and who you know, cannabis products can sometimes be very hard to come by. Fortunately, hemp-based products like the hemp oil you find in chemists can provide the same relief. Hemp products are very high in CBD and we know this cannabinoid is fantastic for medical use. Hemp doesn’t carry any of the psychoactive properties that come with THC. Thanks to old research, it has been found that dogs have the highest density of THC receptors in their brains. This makes dogs very sensitive to this cannabinoid. By using hemp-based products you will lower the risk of over-consumption.

Hemp is a fantastic option to start with as these products are very low in THC and they are good for treating almost all ailments. Another reason why hemp and other cannabis products are a great way to go is due to the entourage effect. This only occurs when there are many different active compounds working together. This amazing effect disappears when you have isolated specific cannabinoids to use on their own.


Although the dosages are not the same, cannabis can be used to treat the same conditions in pets that it’s used to treat in humans. Cannabis has proved very successful in treating ailments such as anxiety, stress, arthritis, seizures, and even cancer symptoms in cats and dogs. This is really amazing stuff and very relieving to know there are alternatives available for our pets too.

Surveys that have been done on pet owners show some interesting info. The surveys show that pet owners have tried using cannabis-based products for treatment and management of separation anxiety, noise phobia, irritable bowel syndrome, and lack of appetite. Dog owners reported that hemp products were most effective for treating pain and helping their pets sleep. The most common side effects experienced was sedation and overactive appetite. Basically, this means your dog will get the munchies.


As clever as we think our animals are they still won’t be able to simply roll one up for themselves. There are plenty of different edibles for pets these days, these can include different biscuits to soft chews and more. These are probably one of the easiest ways to medicate our pets, although a tincture is also very easy and effective.

A tincture is usually an oil-based product with a very set amount of cannabinoids in it. A Tincture is an extract and is typically sold in a small bottle that comes with a dropper. These products are dosed differently so be sure to look at the bottle for the recommended dosage which is usually in drops. Cannabinoids will be best absorbed through your pet's mouth so it’s best to just drop the oil on your animal's tongue.


Medicating your pets with a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs offers your pet the same options as we have. For most of us when we have the choice of a natural alternative that offers better results with little to no side effects the decision is hardly a tough one.

When it comes to choosing a treatment plan for a sick pet, the choice can be hard. The side effects are often a major factor in our decision. Now that medical cannabis has made its way into the veterinary field we have the same great options for our fluffy friends that we do for ourselves.


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