Spring has sprung in South Africa and Overgrow is offering a fantastic competition to mark the start of growing season. Get your thinking caps on because we’re giving away 8 packs of cannabis seeds over 8 weeks to social media followers who correctly solve the strain riddle and follow these rules.
By OG Team

The following rules apply to our ‘Name The Strain’ social media weekly strain riddle competition:

  1. 8 weeks, 8 riddles, 8 marijuana seed pack giveaways. We've extended this to 10 weeks!
  2. To WIN, you must:
    i. Follow us on Instagram and/or Like us on Facebook, and
    ii. Private message us (don’t comment & give it away) with the correct strain name from our strain catalogue.
  3. Top tip: DOUBLE your chances to win by following these instructions and entering on both IG and FB.
  4. Each week’s competition opens as soon as the post goes up at 12PM (midday) on Wednesdays, and closes at 12PM (midday) on Mondays.
  5. We will accept your last given answer before 12PM on Monday as final.
  6. Weekly winners are chosen by lucky draw and announced on Tuesdays (plus we’ll DM the winner), as well as Wednesdays at 12PM (midday) alongside the following week’s riddle. If nobody guesses correctly, that week’s seeds will be given away to a second lucky winner who guesses the following week’s riddle correctly.
  7. By entering this competition, you consent to us sharing your Instagram handle or Facebook name when we announce the winner, should you be so lucky to be drawn.
  8. Here’s a BIG secret: The person who guesses the most strains correctly over the course of the whole giveaway campaign is the RIDDLE MASTER and will win a BONUS pack of seeds. A tie will be decided by lucky draw.
  9. Winners are final and each person is allowed one entry per week per social media platform only.
  10. Don’t overthink it and, most importantly, have fun!

Happy riddle-solving,
The OG Team


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