Dinafem always inspires trust and confidence in the quality of their seeds and have a reputation that is well known in the cannabis community. If you are looking for your perfect strain then Dinafem will have something to suit all your needs. Whether it’s Indica or Sativa, Dinafem guarantees it.
By OG Team

For many years growers have successfully grown the large variety of seeds Dinafem has to offer. Dinafem has always inspired trust and confidence in the quality of their seeds and has a reputation that is well known in the cannabis community.

If you are looking for your perfect strain then Dinafem will have something to suit all your needs. Whether it’s Indica or Sativa, Dinafem guarantees it.

In today’s post, we are going to cover the top strains from Dinafem that we know will rock your world. We love these strains and we know you will too.


There are certain seeds that will grow better indoors than outdoors and vice versa. Some plants grow much too big or have long flowering times to be grown indoors. The Queen of outdoor growing is Moby Dick. This plant grows as wide as it does tall. This outdoor beauty has the potential to make giant buds that can produce over 1kg per plant if grown correctly.


If you are an indoor fanatic, we have something special for you too. The star strain here is Critical +. This is because of how compact it grows and how little space the plant takes up. This means you can plant quite a few indoors and be successful. These beauties will fill your grow tent or room with long buds with extremely high yields in just 55 days of flowering. This strain is preferred by commercial growers because of the high yield that this plant produces in such small areas.


Dinafem has seeds with some truly amazing qualities with extremely high THC levels. A prime example is Original Amnesia. The bud you will get from this strain will be the center of attention because of its amazing earthy tones. The flavor from this smoke is capable of filling your mouth with an amazing dense smoke that induces fits of euphoria. This is a perfect strain for sharing with friends or smoking at home.


If you like the sweet and fruity stuff and prefer flavor over effect, Sweet Deep Grapefruit is the strain for you. This plant is extremely high yielding both indoor and outdoor and tastes delicious. You can expect decent buds from this strain that are coated in resin. Regardless of where you choose to grow this strain, you will definitely add this one to the list of favorites.


Now that we are talking about high resin plants, we cannot forget OG Kush. If you are looking for a plant to make good quality BHO extract then this beauty is the one for you. You can really take advantage of the trimmings after harvest with this strain. This is the most potent and resinous plant and has been around for years. Feeding can be slightly tricky and experience here will be a plus to grow this plant to its full potential. If you can keep these seeds in prime condition, you will be well rewarded for your hard work.


For the cannaseur that wants a more incensed strain, Dinafem has a Royale Haze strain. For those that don’t know, the most potent Sativa strains come from the Haze family. This strain is fantastic for treating depression and has great stimulating effects. Haze has a fantastic way of stimulating depressed people to be active again. Along with this, they will also begin eating properly and start becoming sociable again. This strain is much more effective than typical medications used for depression that can cause many negative side effects.


The next strain is another amazing aromatic called Cheese Original. This is an extremely popular bud that comes from a selection of Skunk genetics originating in England. This strain has its name because of the hard and dense buds that produce a very strong and pungent aroma. It doesn’t smell like your typical cheddar cheese but has a very potent smell and resin that is fully loaded with terpenes. This plant can easily be detected by noisy neighbors when in the flowering stage. When you smoke this girl she will absolutely fill your mouth with thick and tasty smoke.


Some growers prefer auto-flowering plants as they may be in a hurry to get a crop or they simply like the ease of knowing they will have females. Auto-flowering is great if you don’t wish to deal with light schedules or you can only grow in light contaminated areas. There are many options out there when choosing auto-flowering. For your convenience we have listed the best Dinafem strains:


If you want a high yielding auto-flowering legend, White Widow comes to mind. This is Dinafem’s most stable auto-flowering variety and can grow over a meter outdoors. All are similar to the original strain. Because this variety has higher CBD than the original, another quality is it has a slightly more narcotic effect. This bud is extremely compact and hard to grind and is covered in resin.


Another decent yielder is Haze Auto. This is a strain that grows spread out and very tall, which allows light to reach even the lowest parts. The man cola can grow as thin as a can and the majority of bud will be concentrated along the tops of branches and central stem. This strain also has an incensed taste and you could harvest up to 100g from a single plant.


Critical Cheese Auto is definitely one of the top auto-flowering strains available. This is Dinafem’s best producer in the auto-flowering range. It produces an extremely strong flavor and aroma and can be harvested in as little as two months. Flowering produces heavy and hard buds that will be the envy of any grower. This is a great strain for those looking for a high-quality fast yielder.


The last strain on our list is certainly not the least. For the lovers of cheese strains, we recommend White Cheese. This plant produces a strong Cheese aroma and is a big plant that represents a White-Widow structure. A slightly longer flowering period means you need a little patience but this will be well worth it. This strain produces an amazing yield with a strong cheese taste and a resin production that comes from the White Widow genetic. This baby is great for the lover of autos and who want more yield per plant.


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